February 2016

We're getting there !!!

We thought we would surprise you with the list of the upcoming album songs.

  • Smash The Stone
  • Am I Suicidal ?
  • Morpheus
  • Nothing New
  • Point Of No Return
  • Happy & Suicidal II
  • Only This End
  • This Past
  • A Universe Of Me
  • Killer Instinct
  • Not Again
  • No Backbone
  • Sister
  • Brother

  • July 2015


    We've been working our asses off to let
    Milanlearn 14 of the coolest DasTarD songs.
    If we have new updates, we will let you know.

    November 2014

    NEW website opens !!!

    We also have some great news.
    Milan Ridderhof, joined DasTarD to record a new full length album.