The End Is...

(Music - M. Dekker & C. Boer)
(Lyrics - M. Van Leeuwen)

Felt like I knew you forever.
You were the best of my friends.
And I truly thought that never,
this would come to an end.

Looks like I was mistaken,
'cause betrayal was my faith,
Finally I awakened,
but I know itís just too late.

Youíre at home now with all your lies,
does she know, and does she care ?
Does she trust you as did I ?
Overcome by despair ?

Can you still look in the mirror ?
Look yourself in the eyes ?
Do I have to make things clearer ?
Youíre a man that I despise.

You look at me like you donít get it.
Play innocent, have it your way,
I know you never will admit,
but itíll come back to you one day.

Itís time to leave it all behind,
although I donít know where to go.
Iím walking with the wind to find,
relieved from everything i know.

I, will be fine in a short while, thatís true.
Donít flatter yourself this is not about you.
Truth, trust and faith have lost me today.
But other than that I will be okay.