Supparating Wounds

(Music - M. Dekker)
(Lyrics - R. Evenhuis & M. Dekker)

Fighting in a war, no time to say goodbye.
Shooting other people with only you to cry.
Supparating Wounds, dead bodies and dead friends.
One who is burned or shot or killed, they all have to die.

The enemy is human too and also forced to fight,
so you can't blame them killing you, for just another land.
They have a life and feelings too, just like you and me,
so killing you is killing them, there always are some tears.

Sitting home with pets and kids, just waiting for the one,
who is never coming back to you, The Victims Of A Crime.
Forced to fight is suicide, and they will know it too.
And they are save from bullets, rockets, fired upon who ?

You are in a bath of blood, a forest of dead men,
this means it's just the end of all and nothing to get free.
There ain't no heaven and no hell, you just like gonna go,
but in your life, you're searching for, a place you'll never know.

A place you'll never know, hey !!!