Nothing New

(Music - M. Dekker)
(Lyrics - M. Dekker & C. Boer)

Did you ever see,
me walking on the street my eyes face my feet.
You wonder why this is,
that someone like me never got what she wished.
Left alone without anything,
try to live my own life, try to give one more thing.
The moment i had was so great,
but after awhile it was what i hate.

There's Nothing New here,
just agony and blistering fear.
There is Nothing New,
you've seen it through and through.
What i am and try to be,
is someone that's not me.
My hate is stuffed inside,
but you force me to deceide.

Some things will never ever change,
if you live your life so strange.
And if you dare to try it all,
the deeper you may fall.
The deeper you may fall.
The deeper you may...