Hell Sweet Hell

(Music - M. Dekker)
(Lyrics - R. Evenhuis & M. Dekker)

I thought that you were for me, and it would never die,
and then the devil came without a sense of shy.
He planned to, take my heart, and also my brains,
but the one who helped you, will also help me.

Who are you, what are you, who the fuck do you think you are,
to crack my mind, in this world, wait until i die.
I'll get you from the place of it, and i will not cry.
You will be burned without your skin, and without your fucking eyes.

Soul to soul, it's got to have your soul.
Death to death, it wants you to be dead.
Blood to blood, you've got to give it your blood.
Hell Sweet Hell, i love it, Hell Sweet Hell.

And so, when i'm dead, you will be full of pain.
Take off your head, burn out your eyes, electrocute your brains.
You will pay, for the pain, i had because of you,
and it will do it on it's way, forever go on through.

And when you are dead, and i will live in hell,
because i know, that you are gone, and never will return.
And forever, i will burn, in this painfull world,
but i am glad, it is my friend, Hell Sweet Hell.