Here In My Thoughts

(Music & Lyrics - M. Dekker)

Mistakes that i once tried to see
Were all gone but came back to me
I can't handle all these problems today
And will it pass i cannot say
Would it help if i tell you a lie
Would it hurt, does it force you to cry
Can you tell me 'cause i really don't know
Help me now because my life has to grow

It's too late,
it's too late'cause i was wrong
Can you wait,
can you wait and make me strong
Can i say,
Can i say what i have sought
Will you stay,
will you stay Here In My Thoughts

Remember all those moments we had
I didn't lie so you never were sad
Every time when you thought i was gone
I came back and you cried until dawn
I keep floating in these problems of youth
I promise you i never hide the truth
Through your pain and through your fears
Try to help me 'cause i am hiding my tears