Fade Away

(Music - M. Dekker & C. Boer)
(Lyrics - M. Bakker)

Silence, what did i say,
to make you feel this way.
It always been like this before,
but suddenly you wanted more.

Silence, what did you feel,
When i told you you were so unreal.
Never got a word you said,
and now you're preasure in my head.

You never saw me in real,
you never know how i feel.
Asking why and i'm telling my lie,
this is where i began to cry.

Silence, how can you say,
that you never wanted it this way.
Faith and trust will fade away,
if you never tell me your hard way.

You never meant a word you said,
but you're always in my head.
All those long and sleepless nights,
will i ever win my fights.