(Music - M. Dekker & C. Boer & P. Dekker)
(Lyrics - T. Lublink & M. Dekker)

I pursue my ambitions being dedicated.
I dream of a future by me created.

I'll let everybody know my name.
I know i can make it in this game.
I can see no end to the possibilities i have and then....

my frustrations,

on the things that i pursue,
all the dreams that may come true,
all the feelings to go through,
never no more feeling blue,
no-one is i'm as good as you,
proven by the things i do.
I'll kick ass on my debut,
and raise the standard that you knew.

Singing, working, day by day,
living a life that feels okay,
Hoping maybe that someday,
fame arrives and i'm away.

playing weekly with the rest of my band,
try to sing and perform in our land,
grabbing oppertunities that come at hand,
to put on a show and make it grand.

working daily from nine till five,
going home living my life,
hoping and dreaming the dreams, they won't go away...