Am I Suicidal ?

(Music & Lyrics - M. Dekker)

When i was like sixteen years old,
my problems began to rise.
And someday when i'm cold and dead,
i would leave them all behind.
And i got disappointed,
following my male instinct.
So i think there is no escape,
to do what i believe in.

Am I Suicidal ?
What the fuck is wrong with me ?
You say it's getting better.
Are you blind can't you fucking see ?
You filled your life with problems,
and threw them all out at me.
If i'm gonna blow my head off,
Would anybody feel the grief ?

Now i'm old and wise,
never let my problems touch my soul.
Pain and sorrow filled the regret,
to even make the devil know,
that i am just too young,
to put my mind on very slow.
If i'm gonna cut my wrist,
I hopefully die and know.