DasTarD originated in 1992 from a band called Bizar, a high school cover band. Three members:
(Mark Dekker, Rogier Evenhuis & Pjotr van der Veer) created DasTarD, and the plan was to write
their own music which resulted (after a lot of member changes) into the "Victim Of A Crime" EP in 1998.
This was their first trash metal EP, followed up by "Morpheus" in 2000, as a more serious release.

In 2001 DasTarD recorded "Point Of No Return", this album introduced Peter Dekker as a keyboard
player which resulted in more melodic songs and a step back from their trash metal roots.
A year later they re-released "Point Of No Return" with a different vocalist and a more polished sound.
Their ever changing line-up witheld them to play more live shows but resulted in more developed songs,
"Expectations" that came out in 2003, shows that progress but after a short tour, the band
deceided to take a whole year off after the summer of 2003.

Mark Dekker started recording a new album in his studio and was later joined by Peter Dekker, this
resulted in the start of the album "Some Acoustic Pleasures", that took 10 years to complete.
The band was also starting again in 2004 with new members and new songs, focused on doing more
live shows but they went on hiatus from 2008-2014, while releasing "Some Acoustic Pleasures" in 2014.

In that same year they planned to record one long album with some favorite songs from the older
albums, mixed with new songs written between 2004-2008.
Active band members are: Mark Dekker (guitar), Peter Dekker (synths), Wouter Hermanns (bass).